About us

SC Interiors is an award-winning, full-service interior design arm under SC Branding. Specializing in commercial and residential design, SC Interiors is committed to providing excellence and delivering exceptional projects at or below your budget.

Our interior design division specialises in hospitality and Retail, as well as high-end private residential schemes. SC interiors has a reputation for bespoke interior design of the very highest quality and for providing excellent services to our clients, who single out our attentive, responsive, practical and flexible attitude. We pride ourselves on being great listeners; on the exceptional quality of our award-winning final schemes and on our true understanding of the workings of the niche market growth in Bhutan.

Why? What? How?

Our thoughtful approach, wealth of experience and sensitivity to form and finish enable us to create contemporary and stylish interiors that not only uniquely reflect and enhance our client’s brands and spaces, but are both practical and functional. Brand and customer experience are at the heart of what we do. We want consumers to enjoy exceptional dining and shopping experiences that encourage return visits and generate commercial success.

One size doesn’t fit all. We work in partnership with clients and tailor projects to their individual needs, calling on different disciplines when necessary.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We have long relationships with many of our clients and are proud to have been integral to the evolution and growth of their brands. We work hard to remain fresh and contemporary, challenging ourselves to keep on raising the bar and creating work that is both compelling and effective. Positive relationships are vital to our success. We tailor our approach to suit a client’s needs, whilst drawing on proven processes to give structure to projects and ensure we get from A to B on time and within budget.

Our approach is deliberately straightforward. We listen well and ask lots of questions so we can understand what’s driving a project and importantly, find the right solution. We have an innate understanding of how people move through space and are known for our spatial planning expertise. We understand the subtleties of texture and shape and have a lightness of touch and sensitivity to form and finish.

We enjoy nothing more than a chat over a coffee. If you’d like to have an initial conversation about what you need and how we can work together, please get in touch to arrange an informal meeting.

Work Process

Tell us your story.We’ll tell you more of ours.

We sit. We talk project scope, budget,timelines and our process.
We discuss your vision, the practical and the pretty.

We’ll send you a proposal outlining your project scope and detailing our design fees.
If it’s good to go, give us the green light and we’ll start building your vision.

This is where inspiration turns tangible.We get familiar with your likes and dislikes.
We learn your preferences and your lifestyle.
Drawing from your story, we create a complete design concept
and source the proposed vision: flooring, countertops, tile, furnishings,
lighting and plumbing fixtures, fabrics, finishes.

Storyboarding time! We present the big vision for your new space.
You decide what you like and we begin the next step.

With final design approved, we help you place orders and track progress,
keeping you in . You can either order your own or we can help with executions.